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    "Fleet Foxes" cover Dancing On My Own, Rolling In The Deep, Waterfalls, Halo, We Found Love, and more…

    MP3Fleet Foxes Sing – Dancing on My Own (Robyn cover)


    Fleet Foxes Sing – Halo (Beyoncé cover)

    Fleet Foxes Sing – Waterfalls (TLC cover)

    Fleet Foxes Sing – We Found Love (Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris cover)

    Check out more at the Fleet Foxes Sing Tumblr.


    CoverMeSongs.com posted some more of our songs for download. Click here to read the article and download “Dancing On My Own” “Giving Up The Gun” “Halo” “Waterfalls” and “We Found Love.”

    We’ve created a download page where you can grab all the mp3s that CoverMe has posted to date.

    Enjoy and don’t forget to leave us a request here.

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