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    I just used @Postagram + @Instagram to send REAL postcards from my phone for Day 1 of #30DaysofGOOD: “Send someone a postcard”


    Get the app for free: http://sincerely.com/u/pb8j9g

    Love this project… and GO!


    Are you ready for the next GOOD 30-Day Challenge? This time it’s all about connecting with people. You can watch this video for more information.

    Our Senior Editor Cord Jefferson explains it a bit more:

    With the internet age not only upon us, but so intertwined into our lives that living without the web seems impossible, sometimes we forget to talk to each other. Sure, we tweet, text, Facebook, Google+, Gchat, and AIM constantly—it’s not that we don’t communicate. But how often do we actually talk?

    When’s the last time you struck up a conversation with a stranger on the train, or asked the barista you see every morning how they’re doing? Have you ever emailed that teacher you occasionally think about to thank them for their service to you? Have you ever looked a homeless person in the face and asked them if they’d like half your sandwich? 

    The technology of our world is a truly beautiful, convenient, and life-altering thing. And as much as it’s helped us connect in ways our grandparents never thought possible, it’s also created a culture in which we take the easiest option to communicate instead of the best option.

    For September, our GOOD Challenge theme is “Connect with People.” Unlike past challenges, in which we implored you to do one thing for a whole month, this one will involve one new task per day. We’ll as you to say hi to strangers, call a relative, reach out to someone you only know via Twitter, and more. The goal is to remind you not only of how tight-knit communities can be, but also how big the world is, and how easy it is to lose track of someone you know and love. 

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